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Session 1: Roadmap to Recovery
July 14, 2021

Enhance Care, Build Census, and Create Stability

Last year nursing homes faced the greatest challenge. Now, after a successful vaccination program, long-term care facilities are looking at the long road to recovery. Join us to learn how facilities are promoting specialized programs to rebuild trust and improve their census.

Session 6: Update: COVID-19 Vaccines
April 7, 2021

On April 7, 2021, we were joined by Allison Winnike and Rachel Walker from The Immunization Partnership to learn more about the COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution, how the availability of the vaccine helped the long-term care community, and addressed some of the common myths and concerns causing hesitancy to get vaccinated.

Session 5: A Provider's View of Collaborative Care
March 3, 2021

Dr. Jennifer Rawley and Kendall Reese joined us to give an inside look at Collaborative Care and how the structure has added benefits to them and their jobs. By providing real-life examples, they create a better understanding of Collaborative Care, and how it affects patients in the homes we service.

Session 4: What Long Term Care Facility Should Plan for in 2021
January 27, 2021

2020 saw a number of changes, but what might be in store for 2021? We were joined by D. Felecia Washington and Leticia Caballero to discuss the biggest challenges facing the long-term care community and what help might be coming from a state level. We also discuss what we can do to get the help we need.

Session 3: Breaking News: COVID-19 Vaccinations
December 16, 2020

The recent and evolving developments in Covid-19 Vaccines makes it difficult to find a single source of current and accurate information. Senior PsychCare leaders are closely monitoring daily changes and will share the latest details on the vaccine trials and expected delivery process. All information shared is sourced directly from government agencies in connection with Operation Warp Speed.

Session 2: Will Telemedicine Impact Long Term Care?
November 18, 2020

Telemedicine is crucial during the COVID crisis. We are finding that it has a lasting impact on bringing the resources needed, when and where they are needed, without geographic restrictions. Adapting Telemedicine appropriate to the patient’s needs is crucial. We'll also look at how insurance companies and payors view telemedicine.

Session 1: Improving Patient Care and Your Bottomline Webinar
August 26, 2020
In August we presented a fresh perspective on telemedicine and how it positively impacts patients, facility environment, and the bottom line.

TPA Annual Convention

The Austin Renaissance Hotel | Austin, TX
November 11-13, 2021

Senior PsychCare had the honor of exhibiting at the Texas Psychological Association’s Annual Convention in Austin, TX. We were able to see our old friends and meet new ones, all while educating the Psychological community about the rewards of working with some of our most treasured assets, our seniors.

Senior PsychCare

THCA 71st Annual Convention and Trade Show
September 26-29, 2021

In September, we attended the 71st Convention and Trade Show, hosted by THCA! We were excited to be able to gather in person and see the members of the long-term care community come back together.
Senior PsychCare also led two speaking sessions:
A Provider's View of Why Collaborative Care Matters
Solving Ethical Dilemmas in Patient Care

Senior PsychCare

Texas Healthcare Association Virtual Conference 2020
September 21-23, 2020
In September we hosted a virtual booth at the THCA Virtual Convention. We invited visitors to stop by to get to know our team, including SAM.
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The Innovation Series
August 2020
In August we introduced the Innovation Series - a free monthly webinar presenting new ideas and trends in senior health care.