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Our mission is to create a better quality of life
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Innovation Series Webinars

Session 6:
An Update on COVID Vaccines and Distribution
April 7, 2021

This month we will be joined by members from The Immunization Partnership. They will explain more about what changes we have seen in recent months, and what progress we can expect to see going forward.

Session 5: A Provider's View of Collaborative Care
March 3

Watch the complete recording.

Session 4: What Long Term Care Facilities Should Plan for in 2021
January 27, 2021

Watch the complete recording.

Programs and Services for Long-Term Care Communities

Psychiatric Care

Regular psychiatric care is the cornerstone for maintaining and enhancing patient care. Our Psychiatrists carry a full case load in addition to coordinating care through licensed Nurse Practitioners. Positive patient outcomes are measured through improved facility atmosphere, reduced hospitalizations, and practical GDR attainment in accordance with all relevant F-tags.

Collaborative Care Programs

Senior PsychCare is highly recognized for our unique Collaborative Care Model which blends psychiatric and psychological services in close coordination with PCPs and Nursing Home staff. Monthly behavioral rounds are conducted with the entire care team to allow practitioners insight to even the smallest changes in day-to-day patient activity and physical ability.

Psychological Services

The psychological team of licensed care professionals takes a holistic approach to therapeutic treatment. We invest the time to coordinate with facility staff, PCPs, and the patients' families to create a treatment plan designed to improve their overall quality of life. During the COVID crisis, our visits were a welcome routine for patients when so much had changed.

Virtual Health Network

With more than 2 years of Telemedicine success, Senior PsychCare quickly delivered telemedicine services to 50% of our facilities during the COVID crisis. Initially, we used traditional channels, like phones and laptops, but soon invented a new option - SAM™ (Senior Access Machine). SAM is ergonomically designed to serve patients with various levels of mobility and hearing challenges. In addition to patient visits, SAM and our Virtual Health Network connects with PCPs, Nursing Home Staff, and shared medical records. This is the future of long-term care.

Testing and Diagnostics

Nursing Homes find psychological and neuropsychological tests vital in designing safety measures, care plans, and family involvement. Neuropsychological batteries reveal the location of cognitive dysfunction within the brain. With this information, psychologists define compensatory techniques to achieve the highest quality of life for patients. Senior PsychCare has an elite group of certified specialists available to conduct tests in all regions of Texas.

Staff and Community Education

Staying on top of all the changes taking place is a full-time job. With Senior PsychCare as your partner, you have access to regular education sessions, webinars, and other opportunities to earn CEUs. In addition, our staff is in regular communication with agencies across the State of Texas, allowing insight and influence on any upcoming changes.

"We see the quality in the services provided by Senior PsychCare
Our staff has seen positive changes in our residents receiving counseling from Senior PsychCare social workers, nurse practitioners, and psychiatrists."
- Laurice Alvarado, BSW