Professional Senior Health Care

Psychiatric and Psychological Services for Nursing Homes

Programs and Consultations for Long-Term Care Communities

Our Mission & Vision


A better quality of life for seniors, our staff, and others


To be the leaders in mental health care of seniors

Services We Offer to Long-Term Care Providers

Counseling and Therapy

We are proud to offer our counseling and therapy services to long-term care facilities. We bring therapeutic relief to individuals, groups, and families, and as our name suggests, we do this with CARE.

Psychiatric Evaluation

We help by bringing the best consultation to the doors of your facility, including consulting for management of dementia and related problems, depression, anxiety, psychosis, and behavioral problems.


We are focused on quality improvement of cultural change, psychotropic medication reduction, team building, coaching and mentoring, and addressing medicare mental healthcare survey issues including F-tags 328, 429, and 501.


Being well-informed defines the start of great caregiving. We can help your team forward into learning! We offer assistance with community education, public relations, and caregiver support.


The Borrell Cognitive Neuropsychiatric Inventory - A mental health screening for dementia, depression and anxiety (BCNI), treatment planning, neurologist interview, in-service training for nurses and CNAs, assistance with psychiatric hospitalization and partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs.

Professional Training

Supervision for LCSW certification, special skills and techniques for psychotherapy with seniors. CE for social workers, psychologist MD, NP/PA

"We see the quality in the services provided by Senior PsychCare
Our staff has seen positive changes in our residents receiving counseling from Senior PsychCare social workers, nurse practitioners, and psychiatrists."
- Laurice Alvarado, BSW